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This may be the most important page you've read in your life.

We want to assure you that it is not here to invite you to a particular Church or to ask for money. It's here for your eternal salvation!

You have admitted that you are not a good person in God's sight.

You have also heard the Good News of God's great love for you.

You need to act on this to escape God's wrath against your sin.

In the Bible, the action God commands you to do is this...

"Repent and Believe the Gospel"

(words of Jesus from Mark 1:15 in the Bible)

1. To Repent means to change your MIND in your attitude towards God.


The Bible talks about how, before we are saved, we are enemies of God in our MINDS through wicked works (Colossians 1:21). To repent means: to humble yourself before God so that you admit that He alone is Holy, you are sinful and God is just to condemn you to hell for your sin. When you repent, this change of mind towards God will (with God’s help) lead to changes in your life. The Bible puts it like this. We are to (1) repent first, then (2) turn to God, and finally (3) do works worthy of repentance (Acts 26:20).


But what leads a person to want to repent?


The Bible says that repentance comes from someone who has godly sorrow for their sin. The Bible says “godly sorrow” LEADS to repentance and “repentance” LEADS to salvation (2 Corinthians 7:10). So please pay attention to this.


Have you ever offended someone who was important to you, a special person in your life? Well, you have offended God, and he gave you life. GODLY sorrow is the brokenness of heart (Acts 2:37) that comes as you realise how truly wicked you are before God (seeing the true filth of your sin) and are concerned that you have offended GOD, your creator, with your wickedness. It is this GODLY sorrow, that leads to repentance and turning to God for mercy.


The Bible says, "repent and turn to him [God] to have your sins blotted out..." (Acts 3:19).


However, while many people change and turn from their sins as they realise how bad they are, they do NOT change and turn from sin to God. They have no GODLY sorrow and so continue in the sin of unbelief. They may change some of their ways but because they still reject Jesus Christ, God is still against them and his wrath hangs over them (John 3:16, 36).


In the Bible, when people are called to repent, it is a call to "repent AND turn to God" (Acts 26:20); not just live a better life, or feel sorry for yourself, but turn to God who gives us life.


Repentance does not mean to be perfect but to change. This begins with a change in the attitude of your mind towards God. Repentance towards God (which brings forgiveness) then leads to turning from sin! Only God can give you forgiveness and power over sin.


If God has opened your eyes to the condition of your heart so you have godly sorrow for your sin, then please (1) Repent (2) Turn to God and (3) Do Works Worthy of Repentance (Acts 26:20). Repentance (a change in the attitude of your mind towards God) will always lead to a changed life (Matthew 3:8, Philippians 1:6).

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We are also called to “BELIEVE the GOSPEL”….

2. To Believe (as the word is used in the Bible) means to put your personal TRUST in Jesus for salvation.

Jesus said to “repent AND believe the gospel” (Mark 1:15) and his first disciples preached, ”repentance toward God, AND faith [belief] toward our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Acts 20:21)


Gospel means "Good News“. The Good News is that Jesus died for sinners (Romans 5:8). The Good News is that Jesus Christ (himself God) came to earth and hung on a cross to save us from sin and its penalty. While he hung there he was rejected by God the Father on our behalf. This is so that we would not have to suffer eternal rejection in hell. Then he rose from death. We did the crime but Jesus Christ paid the fine.


To Believe the Gospel (the Good News) and have faith towards Jesus Christ means more than just believing the message (that Jesus died for sinners). It means putting your personal trust in the one the message is about: Jesus Christ himself, the crucified and risen Lord.


It's a bit like this. You don't just believe in a parachute, you put it on. To just believe that a parachute will save you when you jump will not actually save you. You must put it on. The Bible says, "Put on the Lord Jesus Christ" (Romans 13:14) and “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved” (Acts 16:21). Will you repent and believe the gospel? Will you put on the Lord Jesus today. Will you personally trust in Jesus and his death (not your good works) to save you? If you do, then when you make the jump from this life to the next (through death) you can be sure to land safely on the other side to an eternity in heaven with your Saviour.


To experience the Good News personally, to be saved from your sin and receive God's free gift of eternal life, Jesus said you must...


"Repent AND Believe the Gospel"

But HOW do you do that?


At this very moment in your life, right now, sitting at your computer, you can be saved from your sin and receive everlasting life if you Repent and Believe the Gospel.


We’ve summarised what this means below in the form of three questions.


(1) Do you have GODLY SORROW for your sin and see yourself as truly wicked in God’s sight and are broken in heart; ashamed that you have sinned against God, your creator?

(2) Do you have a REPENTANT HEART towards God… a change in the attitude of your mind so you now admit God alone is Holy, you are sinful and God is just to condemn you to hell?

(2) Do you BELIEVE THE GOSPEL (Good News) about Jesus Christ (that he came as God in human form to die for sinners and rise again) and are now willing to personally trust Jesus as your risen Saviour: believing his death is full payment for all your sin to put you right with God? Right Now!


If the answer to ALL three questions is “Yes”

then this is what it means to

“Repent and Believe the Gospel.”

So start thanking God now for all he has done to save your soul from hell.


From this moment on, start living for God by turning from the things the Bible calls sin (Acts 26:20). And by doing the good works God created you to do. (Ephesians 2:8-10).


PLEASE NOTE: Heaven is not a reward for good works, but in heaven you will be rewarded for the good you do on earth as a follower of Jesus Christ.


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