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Ultimate Prediction DEATH!
What Happens Next?

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It's not an easy topic. Anniversaries, special occasions, words or events that trigger a memory are a constant reminder of losses that you may have experienced or which you may even be facing now.

Sadly, most of us know people who have died: parents, friends, work mates.... some have died, through old age, disease, accident, maybe even war or a criminal act. Perhaps you have even had a "close brush" with death yourself (in a car accident or health scare) and would consider yourself, "lucky to be alive". For some, death has come quickly. For others, it has been a long, drawn out and painful process. Some have been able to prepare them self and their families for their deaths, others have not.

It doesn't matter how fit, healthy, wealthy or wise your are, one day you will die!

Acknowledging these things, this website is here to bring hope through an honest look at one question often associated with death. If heaven is real, am I good enough to go there?


On the topic of life after death, a man was once asked, "What do you think happens AFTER you die?" He replied, "I try hard not to think about that!" But just as death is a reality we need to live with and prepare for, so is what happens next? after death. We need to have given some thought to that too.


"I'm a Good Person!"


Generally speaking, many people have the attitude that if there?s a God, and if there is a standard for getting in to heaven, they believe they would have done enough to make it to heaven.


The thinking goes something like this...  "Sure, I may have done some bad stuff in my life and I'm not perfect, but deep down, I'm a good person."  And if you're not good ENOUGH for heaven? "Well, God will understand that I'm only human and God will forgive me."


Let's be honest, these are big assumptions to base your eternal destiny on. So why wait till you die to find out if you?d be good enough for heaven? Please, don't gamble with the eternal destiny of your immortal soul? Eternity is forever... it's a long time to be wrong and it's the wrong thing to be wrong about!!! We invite you to take The Good Person Test now, before you die.

Please, check it out before you check out!

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