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There are 162 references to hell in the New Testament section of the Bible. 70 of those references are from Jesus found in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These four gospels describe the prophecies about Jesus, his incarnation, birth, life, miracles, good works, death, resurrection, post resurrection appearances and his ascension into heaven from which Jesus said He would one day return to judge all peoples. It goes without saying that if you love someone, you will warn them of danger. Jesus words below should be read in this context.

Jesus Christ spoke more on hell than any other person in the Bible. Consider how Jesus described hell:

"fire" Matt 7:19, 13:40, 25:41

"everlasting fire" Matt 18:8, 25:41

"eternal damnation" Mark 3:29

"hell fire" Matt 5:22, 18:9, Mark 9:47

"damnation" Matt 23:14, Mark 12:40, Luke 20:47

"damnation of hell" Matt 23:33

"resurrection of damnation" John 5:29

"furnace of fire" Matt 13:42, 50

"the fire that never shall be quenched" Mark 9:43, 45

"the fire is not quenched" Mark 9:44, 46, 48

"Where their worm dieth not" Mark 9:44, 46, 48

"wailing and gnashing of teeth" Matt 13:42, 50

"weeping and gnashing of teeth" Matt 8:12, 22:13, 25:30

"torments" Luke 16:23

"tormented in this flame" Luke 16:24

"place of torment" Luke 16:28

"outer darkness" Matt 8:12, 22:13

"everlasting punishment" Matt 25:46

What could possibly be worth eternity in hell? Hell will not be a party. You have been warned! You need to ask...

Am I a good person - in the eyes of a Holy God?

Am I innocent or guilty - in the eyes of a Holy God?

Will I be welcomed into heaven or cast into eternal hell?

Not only have you been warned but God has provided you with a way out.

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